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Best Practice Guide to Stakeholder Consultation

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This guide provides a set of guiding principles which apply to all Rural Research and Development Corporation’s (RDCs) – recognising that each RDC is different and consults differently with stakeholders.  

To ensure consistency, all RDCs should apply these principles to all stakeholder interactions and consultation plans.  

Along with independent performance reviews, Forest and Wood Products Australia undergoes an annual performance review with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment to demonstrate how we’ve applied these principles. 

To invite collaboration and contribution, an overarching consultation plan outlining Forest and Wood Products Australia’s approach to consultation, the mechanisms used, and consultation activities are published here. 

To ensure there is progress and continuous improvement the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment welcomes written feedback from industry representative bodies (IRBs) ahead of the annual performance discussions and will continue to work with RDCs, industry bodies through tri-partite meetings. This document does not replace the Statutory Funding Agreements (SFAs) or the companion document.

Posted Date: February 18, 2022

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