Empowering sustainability

FWPA is a not-for-profit industry services company - sometimes referred to as an RDC (Rural Research and Development Corporation) - funded by the Federal Government, member levies and research grants.

We work closely with members, government and industry stakeholders to determine strategy, invest in effective and relevant R&D and deliver programs to grow the market and productivity for the forest and wood products industry.

About FWPA

About Forest & Wood Products Australia

FWPA is an industry-owned, not-for-profit Rural Research and Development Corporation (RDC) for the forest and wood products industry.

Partnering with the Australian Government and industry stakeholders, we invest in research and development and marketing to improve the profitability, productivity, competitiveness, and sustainability of our industry. For more information, see FWPA’s Strategic Plan.

FWPA’s Brands

The aim of ForestLearning is to serve school teachers and educators, children and the public with information on Australian forests and wood products and access to teaching resources.

The Ultimate Renewable™ is leading the charge in promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about the benefits of wood. By educating the public with fact-based information, we strive to create a better and safer world for future generations.

WoodSolutions is an industry initiative designed to provide independent, non-proprietary information about timber and wood products to professionals and companies involved in building design and construction.

Supporting Innovation & Sustainability

We support research and development that promotes internationally competitive and environmentally sustainable practices. We promote activities that enhance employment opportunities and contribute to growing Australia’s reputation as an innovative producer of high-quality forest and wood products.

How we are funded

FWPA is one of 15 Australian RDCs and is the nominated industry-owned services company under the Forestry Research and Development and Marketing Act 2007.

The Australian Government levies qualifying industry participants to fund FWPA in accordance with a Statutory Funding Agreement. FWPA’s levy payers are wood processors, forest growers and Australian importers of forest products. Additionally, eligible expenditure on research, development and extension expenditure by FWPA receives matching funds from the Commonwealth.

Our Vision

The forest and wood products industry will grow as a result of increased demand for its market-oriented, sustainable and competitive products and services.

Our Mission

FWPA collaborates with government and industry to deliver transformative RD&E initiatives and market development programs to drive growth in the Australian forest and wood products industry.

Our Values

FWPA fosters a workplace that is progressive and works to reflect the needs of its people, stakeholders, and wider industry.