Timber Market Index

The FWPA Timber Market Index (TMI) provides industry data to support stakeholder decision making and business planning. It is an independently audited dashboard that anonymously tracks price movements of Australian softwood products. 

Welcome to the Timber Market Index

The Timber Market Index (TMI) is created using volume and price information provided by a range of Australian softwood processors. It calculates an index that is representative of price movements for different categories of softwood products, for example structural, and provides an index representing price movements on different categories of sawn softwood products.

The index is independently audited by consultants to ensure that the calculations are correct, providing assurance for all parties. The TMI may be used in any way by the industry and its consultants to help track price movements. It can also be used as a price adjustment clause in sales contracts between processors and growers.

Learn more about the TMI background and development in this article. Please contact Erick Hansnata (erick.hansnata@fwpa.com.au) with any questions.


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