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3D printer uses paper to create furniture

Eco Concrete Ideas, an architectural concrete manufacturer, has used paper 3D printing technology to develop Morpheus, a two-meter concrete bench cast in a mold made from 4,000 layers of recycled paperboard. 

The printer, from Israeli cutting and creasing specialist Highcon, works by turning stacks of paper into 3D objects by precisely trimming and creasing each page and stacking it upon the next without any adhesive. 

Eco Concrete Ideas used the technology to create a mold for their bench in just a few hours. The recycled paperboard mold was then filled with concrete and left to set, after which the paper was quickly removed and sent back for recycling. 

They estimate that making a similar piece would have been around ten times more expensive than the Highcon method, taking months rather than days. No other production method could have produced an item exactly like Morpheus.

A concrete expert believes that the 3D printing technology used by Highcon represents a huge opportunity for the architectural world. 

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Image Credit: Eco Concrete Ideas


Posted Date: August 31, 2016

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