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A new approach to engaging the mid-rise construction sector on timber benefits and opportunities

The first two activity sheets, which have already been completed, focus on timber use in social housing and educational institutions.

The team will release new activity sheets on a regular basis, ultimately producing an extensive library of useful and accessible information during the coming weeks and months.

“It’s all part of our focus on becoming more strategic about how we engage with new contacts in the construction industry,” said Jennifer Cunich, Lead Program Development Manager at the WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Program.

“When you consider the number of architects and builders working in the sector across Australia, our team is tiny by comparison. We therefore need to be smart about how we approach potential new timber advocates. If we know somebody has demonstrated an interest in working with wood in the past, that is a great start.

“By following up with those who have accessed an activity sheet, we can be confident they would be open to hearing more about the benefits and possibilities for timber in mid-rise construction.”

The activity sheets aim to provide a general overview of each topic, including details of the benefits of using wood for a particular purpose, as well as strong examples of applications for this purpose from around the world. They also include suggestions of other relevant WoodSolutions resources, including design guides and webinars, containing further information on the topic for anybody interested in finding out more. 

Also included on each sheet is as a reminder that the MAP team is available to offer more tailored information in the form of a workshop, meeting or presentation.

“WoodSolutions is known for its wide range of high-quality educational resources,” said Cunich.

“There’s a lot of information available in the form of webinars, podcasts, videos and technical design guides. The guides specifically are fantastic resources for comprehensive information across a multitude of subject areas.

“We were conscious the volume and size of existing resources might be off-putting for anybody looking for a simple introduction to a topic. Our advisory sheets were therefore created to provide an additional source of information, with key details on certain topics presented in a user-friendly format that can be viewed ‘at a glance’.” 

The activity sheets are the latest example of the WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Partnership fulfilling on its ongoing mission to provide free, reliable and independent advice to the mid-rise timber building market in Australia.

The WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Program (MAP) has commenced the development and release of a series of handy advisory sheets for the design and build sector.

The one-page resources will provide top line, easily digestible information about a diverse array of timber applications in mid-rise construction. 


Posted Date: March 21, 2021

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