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Call outs for co-funding and RD&E proposals

Round two of applications NIFPI Gippsland Centre project call opened application for co-funding is available

The second round of applications to the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (NIFPI) Gippsland Centre project opened on 3 November. The project aims to “grow the future of forestry”.


Round two applications will close on Friday 17 December 2021. You can find more information about NIFPI’s application process on their website: https://nifpi.org.au/


For prospective applicants, there is opportunity for collective industry co-funding of selected projects that will provide broad positive impact across Australia’s forest management sector. Project applications seeking this collaborative co-funding from the FWPA’s Growers Research Advisory Committee (GRAC) can make an initial application by submitting Part A of the project application to grants@fwpa.com.au by 1pm AEDT 22 November. 


Note that this funding is industry cash only and does not include any FWPA matching funds.


Following review by FWPA’s GRAC, applicants will be advised whether the GRAC has given in-principle support to their project application by 25 November, and successful applicants will be invited to submit full proposals to grants@fwpa.com.au by 5pm AEDT 10 December. Applicants will be advised of GRAC approval of co-funding on 16 December. Co-funding is subject to the project successfully gaining NIFPI funding.


If you would like to discuss this co-funding opportunity, please contact Jodie Mason at jodie.mason@fwpa.com.au.


FWPA receiving RD&E proposals to benefit commercial growers

Meanwhile, FWPA has issued an open call for proposals to advance research, development or extension (RD&E) of benefit to Australia’s commercial forest growers. The proposals need to align with the priority topics identified in the investment plans. The investment plans were developed in consultation with forest growers for future research and development, and the priorities highlight key targets for investment.


If the proposal is not aligned with one of the priorities, the prospective researcher would need to demonstrate the proposal would advance RD&E with significant support of Australian forest growers. There is no requirement to seek financial commitment from growers at this time, but in-kind commitments and letters of support that demonstrate support from growers will be considered during proposal evaluation.


Successful proposals will reflect a current understanding in relation to priority topics. A list of relevant recent and current projects funded through FWPA is available on our website.


Proposals are invited for projects of up to three years’ duration and commencing in either 2020/21 or 2021/22. If it is demonstrated by the proposal that a longer duration is warranted, projects of up to five years may also be considered.


Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact FWPA’s Forest Research Manager (Jodie Mason on (+61) 427 357867 or Jodie.mason@fwpa.com.au) before 26 November 2021 to discuss project concepts and for referral to potentially interested growers.


Proposals must use FWPA’s Project Application 2021 form, with all fields required to be completed. Appendix 1 of the Project Application 2021 form contains additional and important information that applicants should read before submitting a proposal.


Please see FWPA’s website for full details.

Posted Date: November 16, 2021

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