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FWPA 2013-2014 Annual Report published

The FWPA 2013-2014 Annual Report highlights the wide range of achievements and activities in which the company engaged during the year.

Read the full report here

Some highlights are presented below:

FWPA 2014 –19 Strategic Plan
The revised 5-year strategic plan was approved by the FWPA Board in June 2014. Essentially, it is an extension of the preceding 2013-18 Strategic Plan, the main points of which are demonstrated by the activities highlighted in the annual report.

Government legislation increases potential funds
Amendments to the Forestry Marketing and Research and Development Services Act 2007 allows voluntary payments for industry to receive matching funds for eligible activities. This provides industry with the opportunity to access increased government funds for projects it is prepared to support.

New CRC framework developed
A proposal for a new cooperative research centre – the CRC for Transforming Woodfibres – was developed. The concept was well received during discussions with industry and will be further pursued.

Wood messaging reaches more consumers through TV
The Planet Ark/Environmental Edge, Wood. Naturally Better.™ television commercial nearly doubled awareness. Television remains the most efficient medium to deliver a message to a broad national audience.

Consumer research findings confirm communications effectiveness
The eleventh consumer research study showed a continued growth in positive results, with perceptions of wood trending upwards on major indicators. This is not the case for most other materials.

Specifier research shows WoodSolutions awareness climbs
Awareness of the WoodSolutions program among its prime target audience has more than doubled since the program started in 2011. This is matched by increased use of the website which demonstrates the effectiveness of the program in delivering information to this influential group.

WoodSolutions website traffic increases
More than 450,000 site visitors, an increase of 35% on the previous year, accessed design and building information, performance data and downloadable Technical Design Guides and other resources.

Solid wood innovations investment extended
Following the successful conclusion to the first stage of the project, the SWI investment has been confirmed for another two years to continue further product research and development.

Statistics aggregation system developed and launched
This innovative tool allows industry members to anonymously contribute information, which is then aggregated so that they can benchmark their performance against other participating businesses.

Changes to the Building Code of Australia increase opportunities for wood framing
Continuing the FWPA strategy of removing impediments to the use of timber, changes to the BCA now mean that timber framed 3-storey construction for hotels and motels (i.e., class 3 buildings) is now permissible.

Read the full report here.


Posted Date: December 10, 2014

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