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FWPA moves forward with new strategic focus

An innovative new 5-year strategic plan demonstrates Forest and Wood Products Australia’s responsiveness and flexibility – while offering greater transparency to stakeholders. Essentially, the new plan moves from an operationally structured approach to one that focuses on outcomes – across the entire supply chain.

“As a requirement of our Statutory Funding Agreement with the Australian Government, Forest and Wood Products Australia Ltd (FWPA) reviews our strategic plan every year, to create a rolling 5-year planning process,” said John Simon, Chairman of FWPA “This new plan is a significant step forward, one that represents not only a change on paper, but one that will also affect the operations of our company.”


The new planning model

Developed in consultation with both the industry and the Australian Government, the new Strategic Plan incorporates the investment priorities determined by consultation with members and key stakeholders and restructures the operations of FWPA to align them more closely to outcomes than the processes used to achieve them.

Previous structure:

  1. Generic Promotion
  2. Research, Development and Extension
  3. Capacity and Education
  4. Building Codes and Standards
  5. Statistics and Economics

Current Structure:

  1. Promoting the advantages of wood products
  2. Aligning products to market needs
  3. Assisting value chain optimisation
  4. Increasing resource availability and reducing risk
  5. Impacting decision making and industry capability

Read the new Strategic Plan and associated Annual Operating Plan here


Posted Date: August 15, 2016

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