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Have you joined FWPA’s online industry image library? A great opportunity and it’s free.

As a member of FWPA’s online image library, you have access to more than 10,000 images to add to your communications – and the opportunity to promote your products and services by uploading your own images.|

Across a range of media, images are instrumental, to attracting readers’ attention and communicating your messages. Whether it is on a website, brochure, email newsletter, news article or advertising – images can boost readership, raise search engine profiles and more.

Visit FWPA’s new online library and see how your company can source generic images to use in your communications or upload your images to make them available to other users.

Eligible images must feature the production or use of wood or wood products and you must own the copyright, or have the right to share them for general use.

The library currently comprises more than 10,000 images, which are searchable by keywords and availability. Owing to copyright restrictions, not all images are available for all purposes. 

For more information about using existing images, or to upload your own, please email Grace Davies at grace.davies@fwpa.com.au


Posted Date: December 5, 2016

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