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How the industry is guiding the future direction of FWPA, for a stronger sector

FWPA’s ‘clean-sheet’ review of its five-year Strategic Plan continues, and will help guide the industry’s future priorities, while aligning with the organisation’s new statutory funding agreement with the Commonwealth Government.

To assist with this review, independent consultants have been appointed to work with the Board, and a specially appointed industry reference group. Widespread stakeholder feedback has also been collected.

The industry reference group comprises key stakeholders who will be instrumental in guiding the development of the new plan and are being engaged through ongoing communications and a number of interactive workshops.

Another important element of the process has been the participation of the broader industry. An online stakeholder survey has now been completed, with all industry feedback considered, and a draft of the new plan is now well underway.

“I am confident these collaborative conversations with the industry will help us develop a plan that will most effectively guide the future direction of FWPA and be of most benefit the industry, now and into the future,” said Ric Sinclair, Managing Director at FWPA.

“Thank you to all who have participated so far. Your input is crucial to supporting the ongoing success of the Australian forest and wood products sector.

“The development of our new Strategic Plan is particularly vital this year, as we continue to navigate through the impacts of recent natural disasters, the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, and uncertainty around domestic and international markets.”

The new plan will be further discussed with stakeholders before finalisation by the FWPA Board. It is expected the plan will be approved towards the end of the year, with more information to be shared as soon as it becomes available.

Additionally, as part of its ongoing governance requirements, the three-year term of three current FWPA Directors – Stephen Dadd, Katie Fowden and Craig Taylor – will come to an end at this year’s Annual General Meeting. Each Director can re-nominate if they wish and are limited to three consecutive three-year terms.

A call for Director nominations will be distributed amongst all FWPA member companies, and externally advertised with the Australian Institute of Company Directors and other appropriate bodies.

For more information on this process, please contact Ric Sinclair.

Posted Date: June 22, 2021

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