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Listen in #2. WoodSolutions’ latest Timber Talks episode: ‘Recent Advancements in the UK’

In this two-part topic, Nick Milestone (chairman of the UK Timber Research and Development Association and associate director of the William Hare Group) and Philipp Zumbrunnen (director at Eurban London) discuss the mid-rise timber development market in the UK, and why we’re on the cusp of a construction revolution.

Presented by Adam Jones, Timber Talks provides insight into the best design practices, latest innovations and interesting case studies from world-leading experts in timber design, specification and construction.

In the first part of ‘Recent Advancements in the UK’, Adam talks to Nick and Philipp about the way prefabricated timber systems, integrated design and early contractor involvement can be combined to meet the construction targets set for the UK for 2025.

In part two, Philipp and Nick talk about how a holistic view is key to enabling construction gains in timber projects and look at specific success stories from the UK. They also discuss the unique position Australia is in to develop a sustainably-sourced, solid supply chain to enable growth in this market.

Timber Talks is released weekly during its 16-episode season.

Future topics will include:

  • ‘Australia’s Tallest Timber Commercial Office Building’, with Basil Richardson, a studio director at Bates Smart
  • ‘Timber First Design’, with Andrew Waugh, founder of Waugh Thistleton Architects (UK), a world leader in cross laminated timber architectural practice
  • ‘21st Century Design and Construction’, with Robert Malczyk, founder of Equilibrium Consulting (Canada)
  • ‘Engineering Fundamentals for Taller Buildings and Longer Floors’, with Andy Buchanan, principal of PTL
  • ‘A New Vision for Construction’, with Michael Green, founder and principal of Michael Green Architecture.

You can listen to Timber Talks on iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud.

Posted Date: October 30, 2018

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