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Low-cost bioactive paper detects blood types in under a minute

Determining a blood type to ensure compatibility ahead of a transfusion isn’t straightforward at the best of times, but in regions of the world where proper medical equipment is unavailable it is nigh on impossible. A new bioactive piece of paper promises to change that, however, with the ability to analyse just a few drops of blood and identify somebody’s blood group in as little as one minute.

Australian company Haemokinesis has partnered with Melbourne’s Monash University in developing the ultra low-cost medical device. The Group Legible Immunohematology Format (GLIF) card features a special material and a clear window for the sample to be delivered. 

Haemokinesis CEO Jim Manolios explained that the material reacts with the antigens to quickly detect the subject’s blood group as A. B. AB or O. The device uses patented technology and should cost less than a dollar when available later in 2016.

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Photo: Haemokinesis 


Posted Date: March 9, 2016

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