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Member Profile: HQPlantations partners with Industry to launch australian araucaria™

HQPlantations (HQP) is Queensland’s largest plantation grower, boasting almost 200,000 hectares of production area. Its status as one of the largest plantation growers in Australia is a responsibility the team at HQP does not take lightly. It works to ensure it remains a genuine steward of the land its people work hard to protect, nurture, and maintain.

Of course, a commitment to the environment through sustainably managed, healthy, productive forests is at the heart of everything HQP does. Everyone, from the company’s ethical investors to its passionate employees, customers, and contractor partners are committed to helping create a sustainable future.

And for HQP it’s not just about the trees, but also the people. Constructive and mutually beneficial relationships with the Traditional Custodians of the land now managed by HQP is a major priority, as well as the support of all communities local to its plantations. And it goes without saying that the safety, health, and wellbeing of its staff is of vital importance.

Shona Heading, Commercial Planning Manager at HQPlantations said world-leading practices and cutting-edge technology alongside HQP’s continuous cycle of growth ensures these values are continually maintained, while producing a constant supply of timber for a broad range of products used by everyday Australians.

“Our work is meticulously planned to minimise any potential disruption or disturbance to the land, water, wildlife and communities in and around our plantations,” Heading said.

HQP’s forest management practices are independently accredited to internationally recognised certification standards. This offers customers, stakeholders, neighbours, and other forest visitors assurance that its forest assets are managed sustainably and responsibly.

HQP manages seed orchards and plantation forests of commercially important subtropical and tropical tree species, including Southern Pine and Araucaria cunninghamii, known commercially as Araucaria, and more commonly as hoop pine.

Araucaria is Australia’s only endemic rainforest plantation species and, commercially, it is grown exclusively by HQP across more than 40,000 hectares.

“Araucaria is versatile and beautiful, ideal for appearance-grade applications. It has fine grain and texture, even colour, and is easily painted or stained,” Heading said.

“It also has exceptional structural properties such as superior strength to weight ratios and dimensional stability.”

Introducing australian araucaria™

Recently, HQP partnered with its customers to develop and launch the australian araucaria™ brand. The brand seeks to build market recognition and position this stunning, Queensland grown timber product as a premium material. 

“Our new australian araucaria™ is much more than just a premium timber – it’s an entire experience! A visually stunning blonde wood, smooth to the touch and a pleasure to the eyes, it brings natural elegance to your project or home,” Heading said.

Every piece of australian araucaria™ timber is beautifully unique, with decades of care embedded into its fine grain and modern finish.

“Our australian araucaria™ forests are grown exactly where they are meant to be – deep within the Sunshine Coast hinterland, nourished by the Queensland sun and nurtured by careful hands,” Heading said.

“We’re not about fast growth and rapid consumption. We believe in long-term sustainability over short term gains, quality over quantity, and pure beauty over ‘good enough’. 

“We pour decades of care into our slow growth approach, putting the planet and quality of our Araucaria first. That’s why you won’t find timber like ours anywhere else in the world, and why for Australians it the most ethical choice especially when compared with imported alternatives.”

Thanks to its versatility, australian araucaria™ can be used to create inviting interiors, bold exteriors, and sleek furniture. With an uplifting, modern finish, it is easy to work with, and can be adapted for a variety of design styles. For more information, visit https://araucaria.au/


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Posted Date: November 22, 2023

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