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New and Completed Projects – December 2015

FWPA’s RD&E program invests in projects in three areas of Market Access and Development, Wood Products and Sustainability & Resources. 

The projects and their resultant outcomes are published on the FWPA website. Listed below are some recently completed projects and their associated links.

Completed Projects

Project number  Project title
 PNA289-1213  Improving Thermal Efficiency in Lightweight Construction

New Projects

 Project (Research Provider)  FWPA invests  Total budget
 Building Timber Frame Houses in Traditionally Double-Brick Housing Market (Timber Insights Pty Ltd)  235,000  550,000
 ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre in Forest Value (University of Tasmania)  250,000  14,000,000
 Microtimber – Development of a 3D-printed, gradient timber panel composed of forestry waste- and by-products (University of Sydney)  120,000  435,159
Posted Date: December 17, 2015

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