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New and Completed Projects – February 2016

FWPA’s RD&E program invests in projects in the three areas of a) Market Access and Development; Wood Products and Sustainability & Resources. 

The projects and their resultant outcomes are published on the FWPA website. Listed below are some recently completed projects and their associated links.

New Projects 

Project (Research Provider) FWPA invests Total budget
Australian Wood Product Manufacturers – Environmental Life Cycle Inventory Update (Thinkstep) 289,500 511,4115
A profitable future for Australian agriculture:  Bio-refineries for higher-value animal feeds, chemicals and fuels (Sugar Research) 150,000
A scoping study to support Green Triangle Regional productivity through regional permanent sample plots (Forestry SA) 15,000 30,000
7 Storey Timber Framed Apartment building – Case study (Timber Development Association NSW) 44,200 44,200
Structural framing decisions in the detached housing and lower-rise attached dwelling market (Australian Construction Insights) 45,000 45,000
Natural materials and manufactured products in schools – Literature review (Australia Council for Educational Research) 10,000 10,000

Completed Projects

 Project Number  Project title
 PNC285-1112  Carbon stocks and flows in native forests and harvested wood products in SE Australia 





Posted Date: February 29, 2016

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