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New bio-based lightweight material unveiled

The research institutes Innventia and Swerea SICOMP have worked together to develop the first carbon-fibre composite ‘demonstrator’ from softwood lignin. The lightweight, fuel-efficient car of the future can be made using this material.

Carbon fibre composites are strong and light, with many applications. Today, demand is mainly limited by the high cost. As a result, they are currently used primarily in products where performance is more important than price. 

By introducing cost-effective lignin-based carbon fibre, the material could also be used in ‘normal’ cars and other bulk products. Lighter cars would mean lower fuel consumption, and would also make electric cars more viable.

The demonstrator – a sandwich structure in which balsa wood is laminated with carbon fibre – is the first proof that it is possible to manufacture lignin-based carbon fibre, even if this is still only on a laboratory scale. The production of another demonstrator is already under way to demonstrate a future application within the automotive industry, a model car powered by a lignin-based battery.

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Photo: Innventia

Posted Date: February 4, 2016

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