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New Projects since July 2014

Each issue of ForWood lists the latest approved projects. Below are projects that have been approved since July 2014.   

Project (Research Provider) FWPA invests Total budget
Investment Plan for: Solid wood, engineered wood and pulp and paper products: Performance & yield: Update  (Sylva Systems) 18,000 18,000
Development of a methodology for a national database for the forestry and timber processing sector (Sylva Systems) 12,000 12,000
MALDI-TOF Analysis of Stained Pilularis & Globulus Veneer (Timber Veneers Association of Aust.) 5,000 5,000
Forestry and Forest Products Research Expenditure and Capacity 2012-13 (Forsci) 26,604 26,604
Long-span timber floor and framing systems for commercial buildings (UTS) 280,000 677,905
ProFert-Pine – A fertiliser tool for softwood plantations in southern Australia. (TreeMod) 42,000 136,000
Life Cycle Assessment of a 5 Storey Residential Building in Parkville (RMIT) 26,400 26,400
Discussion Paper on research needs and gaps for exporters and woodchips (Indufor) 10,250 10,250
Industry Safety Strategy and Framework paper (Omega Consulting) 15,000 15,000
BAL -29 fire testing of Jarrah and Karri decking boards (Exova) 35,900 35,900
CBA for timber framing: Proposal for change to the Australian Building Code  (CIE) 35,000 35,000
Posted Date: December 11, 2014

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