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New system to propagate pine hybrids able to tolerate water stress

The Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, Neiker-Tecnalia, and SCION — the New Zealand Forest Research Institute– have developed a system of somatic embryogenesis in the hybrid species of Pinus radiata X Pinus attenuata, a pine species with a proven tolerance to a lack of water. Their research has resulted in the obtaining of a large quantity of plants within a short period of time in addition to making the cryopreservation of tissue possible so that the tissue can be used according to market demands.

The research conducted by Neiker-Tecnalia and SCION, led by the researchers Paloma Moncalean and Cathy Hargreaves, respectively, has been carried out at the SCION facilities in order to find propagation methods for tree species that are productive, have a high resistance to water stress and which could be used for reforestation purposes in Spain and New Zealand.  The techniques used by Neiker-Tecnalia and SCION are being considered by various governments as an interesting tool to be used by public and private companies. In New Zealand, SCION and the company Prosed Nueva Zelanda Ltd are working together to obtain systems and plant matter adapted to future climate conditions.

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New system to propagate


Posted Date: July 16, 2014

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