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RD&E investment set to increase with Forest Growers Investment Plans

FWPA is preparing for the next phase of strategic investment in grower Research, Development and Extension (RD&E), with eight investment plans currently being reviewed.

The initiative has been informed by consultation with industry leaders, researchers and service providers, with consideration given to where the best value gains might be achieved. 

FWPA Forest Research Manager Jodie Mason has been working with a group of FWPA members through the Grower Research Advisory Committee (GRAC). The committee is collaboratively funding a suite of forest research investment plans to inform and promote investment in forest research, development and extension.

A total of eight investment plans relating to specific research projects have now either been completed or are under development. The content and required funding for each are currently being considered. 

The plans estimate the potential return from RD&E and provide a high-level business case for investment.

The aim is to increase the value of Australia’s commercial forests and of collaborative investment in forestry RD&E, while contributing to the renewal, growth and sustainability of forestry research in Australia.

The plans cover a multitude of areas, ranging from nutrition to genetics and tree breeding, plantation and native forest silviculture, operations and supply chain, resource modelling, remote sensing, fire, and damage agents including pests, disease and climate.

Each investment plan has been developed through collaboration between three key contributing groups: the lead service provider including panels of technical and operational specialists from the industry; research and service providers; and the GRAC’s executive members.

Based on these plans, the GRAC will make recommendations on the allocation of funds to the FWPA board.

This work supports the GRAC’s strategic plan and vision, which aims to double the value of Australia’s commercial forests by 2040 by fostering an innovative culture in our enterprises, applying the world’s best practices, collaborating and investing in research and development as appropriate.

“This sort of investment is vital, not only for protecting what we have today, but to ensure we maximise technologies and innovations in growing to strengthen our industry and resources long into the future,” said Mason.

FWPA looks forward to updating you with additional information on the specific projects that will benefit from this scheme in a future edition of ForWood.

Posted Date: June 12, 2019

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