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Round corners lower fuel consumption

Emissions from the transport sector can be drastically reduced with more streamlined trucks.

Linköping University researchers have used advanced computer calculations at the National Supercomputer Centre (NSC) to produce a profile for a light truck body in which air resistance is substantially reduced – without decreasing its carrying capacity.

Erik Alfredsson, owner of Alfredssons Transport in Norrköping has built the prototype. The base is a traditional Mercedes light truck that has been given self-supporting floors and new, lighter material in parts of the body. The box has been rounded off; all sharp corners and edges are gone, the wheels have been partially enclosed and the roof has a slight, gentle slope backwards like a wing. 

Over the 90,000 kms the truck has travelled so far, its fuel consumption has decreased by at least 12% compared to the same vehicle with a traditional body.

Click here for source (Linköping University)

Image Credit: Petter Ekman 


Posted Date: May 3, 2016

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