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Self-healing wood coatings

Scratch resistance is an important attribute with regard to service life and aesthetics of coatings used on appearance wood products. In its quest for developing better performing coatings, FPInnovations recently examined self-healing coatings.

Researchers at FPInnovations have been identifying the appropriate resins, formulations and self-healing strength characteristics to use. Two solvent-based polyurethane coatings were also prepared, tested, and compared to a standard two-component polyurethane coating. 

Once heat was applied on the samples, the depth and width of the scratches were found to decrease significantly, while the gloss came close to the initial gloss (before scratching). Although some technical problems remain, this research project demonstrated the potential of self-healing coatings for the appearance wood products industry.

Since traditional methods to repair coatings (polishing, sanding, etc.) are costly in time, materials and skilled labour, the development of self-healing coatings is desirable for the appearance wood products industry.

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Photo credit: FPInnovations


Posted Date: February 4, 2015

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