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Students develop tree planting robot

Planting trees is back-breaking, repetitive work — but if two students from the Canadian University of Victoria have their way, robots will assist tree planters in the future.

Third-year electrical engineering students Nick Birch and Tyler Rhodes have developed a prototype robot that is able to plant tree seedlings.

The ‘TreeRover’ is a four-wheeled, battery-powered vehicle about the size of a go-cart. It carries a tree planting mechanism which holds a magazine of ten seedlings. Compressed air is used to drive a hollow spike into the ground, which then releases a seedling. Another arm then comes and taps the earth to secure the seedling, and the robot uses its electric motors to drive to the next site. 

Planting the entire 10-tree magazine takes about 15 minutes, according to Birch.

Birch and Rhodes developed the robot as part of a self-directed entrepreneurial work term, during which students use their own funds to create a concept and bring it to the prototype stage.

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Photo: CBC News / Nick Birch


Posted Date: October 8, 2015

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