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Successful first Industry Advisory Group meeting held under new structure

As part of a new process designed to offer greater opportunities for industry participation, FWPA held the first Industry Advisory Group meeting under its recently restructured engagement process.

FWPA’s Industry Advisory Group meeting held in Melbourne in June was the first of its kind under the organisation’s restructured industry engagement process.

The new process has been designed to offer greater opportunities for participation, both for members and non-member stakeholders.

Under the new structure, a number of Industry Advisory Groups and Interest Groups are being established, in order to enable improved communication, identify valuable investment opportunities and detect issues or gaps that FWPA could help rectify.

The new Industry Advisory Groups are open to directors and employees of all FWPA voting members, with five separate groups supporting each of FWPA’s outcome-driven programs. Each group is chaired by a FWPA board member and will meet annually to help rank and prioritise activities, offer direction regarding investments and provide member input.

The initial meeting included representation from all five groups, with around 65 attendees. The purpose was to introduce and explain the new engagement structure and five-year strategic plan, share an update on current FWPA activities and gain input on program objectives.

During the meeting, FWPA Chairman John Simon gave an official welcome. This was followed by a presentation from FWPA Managing Director Ric Sinclair, which included an overview of recent company achievements and activities, and an update of recent income and expenditure.

Mr Sinclair went on to outline the objectives and rationale behind each of the five programs and provide a summary of their recent achievements. He also detailed planned activities under each program during the coming year, followed by opportunities for discussion and feedback.

In addition to the Industry Advisory Groups, members and non-member industry stakeholders who identify a common issue have been invited to form or join Interest Groups.

These Interest Groups are being encouraged to develop investment proposals to help advance industry, whether by expanding markets, conducting new research or other promotional activities.

Posted Date: July 17, 2017

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