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Thank you for helping The Ultimate Renewable™ thrive!

Calls for industry to embrace the messages of The Ultimate Renewable™ have been met with high levels of enthusiasm.

Many of you have used the branding and messages of sustainability and environmental advantages in your own collateral. Through working together in this way, the industry is taking large strides towards reframing forestry in the eyes of the public.

The Ultimate Renewable™ launched earlier in 2019 with industry events and a $1.8 million advertising campaign that covered all major and regional Australian cities across multiple channels.

Almost a quarter of Australians saw The Ultimate Renewable™ campaign and tracking research shows it is positively changing opinions. More importantly, those that have seen the advertising are much more likely to have a positive view of the sector across a wide range of metrics.

Your involvement

Eileen Newbury, National Marketing and Communications Manager at FWPA, has been active in urging the industry to take advantage of the successful outcomes from the consumer advertising campaign.

“Now the campaign has brought the messages that underpin The Ultimate Renewable™ to so many members of the wider public, we have been encouraging and working with industry members to help further spread the word,” Ms Newbury said.

“What we have created is a brand that everyone can embrace and incorporate into their own communications. So far, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the industry, with more than 100 companies downloading The Ultimate Renewable™ logo, banner ads and TV commercial for their own use. These are being used on their company collateral.

“On behalf of everyone at FWPA, I would like to thank our members and the forest and wood products industry for throwing their support behind the brand. We’ve seen it appear everywhere from business cards and letterheads, to truck signage and even on branded cakes.

“Furthermore, I would like to encourage all industry members across the supply chain to continue working together in further spreading the word,” Ms Newbury said.

Industry point of view

One industry participant is Australian Sustainable Hardwood (ASH), which has incorporated the branding into its truck signage.

Daniel Wright, National Business Development Manager at ASH said The Ultimate Renewable™ campaign represents an opportunity for the timber industry to reveal itself as a major solution to climate change, and as a marker for social purpose.

“Within our industry, we generally understand the benefits sustainable timber will offer over-and-above other building materials. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between our knowledge and that of the community,” Mr Wright said.

“This campaign coordinates a unified message for the industry to collectively get behind.

“The community loves their timber products, but they don’t connect that love with the need to harvest trees and manage our forests for sustainable future use. By revealing ourselves as a carbon storage solution, this campaign draws subconscious attention to the reality that we need to first harvest trees in order to procure the sustainable timber that people love.

“ASH has embraced The Ultimate Renewable™ campaign by incorporating the message onto our truck curtain walls, email signatures and other marketing paraphernalia. We strongly encourage our supply chain manufacturing base to join in,” he said.

Christine Briggs, National Marketing Manager with AKD Softwoods and FWPA non-Executive Director, said that while the industry and supply chain is diverse, it has a strong base of comradery.

“Industry-wide initiatives such as The Ultimate Renewable™ showcase this diversity while giving us a common platform to get behind and promote ourselves.

“The uptake of The Ultimate Renewable™ brand assets has been obvious over the past four months. This is in part due to the different versions of the branding available, which cover the whole supply chain from forest to wood processing, to value adding and installed applications in buildings.

“What has been particularly pleasing is how many of our customers have adopted the brand in their own marketing and communications. The execution of the campaign, especially with TV and outdoor advertising, has been a point of conversation amongst all of us, both at work and during personal social events.

“It is an initiative that we are all proud to be involved with,” Ms Briggs said.

New website launched


The latest development in the evolution of The Ultimate Renewable™ is the launch of a dedicated website, which we’re thrilled to announce went live today! It includes the various visual assets and collateral for download, as well as an online store comprising branded merchandise, including caps and T-shirts.


Check out The Ultimate Renewable™ website today!


Posted Date: November 25, 2019

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