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Thermal research results in three new WoodSolutions Design Guides

A long running study of the thermal properties of timber in residential construction systems has been completed by researchers from the University of Tasmania.  The project measured the thermal performance of a range of timber products in full scale field test cells to develop three WoodSolutions Design Guides. The Design Guides and associated presentation demonstrates how informed timber use and placement, in addition to contemporary insulation products in residential construction systems can have a major impact on the thermal comfort and energy performance of the completed structure.

The Design Guide titles are:

  • 22 Thermal Performance in Timber-framed Buildings
  • 23 Using Thermal Mass in Timber-framed Buildings
  • 24 Thermal Performance for Timber-framed Residential Construction

Download the Guides from the WoodSolutions website

View the webinar.


Posted Date: September 10, 2015

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