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Three new directors for FWPA

Three new directors were elected to the board of Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA) at its recent annual general meeting (AGM). 

“As FWPA continues to deliver effective and valuable commercial outcomes for its members, we welcome the addition of three outstanding new board members,” said Ron Adams, Chair of FWPA’s board of directors.  “Their global and local experience and expertise in strategic, business and marketing management will enhance the board’s leadership.”

Addressing the AGM, FWPA’s chairman thanked his fellow directors for their commitment and contribution in their diligent oversight of the company as it refocused its activities over the previous financial year.  He also acknowledged the valuable contribution of Vince Erasmus and Evan Rolley over their terms as directors of FWPA. “Both Vince and Evan have added immensely to the development and direction of the company.”  

At a subsequent board meeting, the directors re-elected Ron Adams as Chair and John Simon as Deputy Chair.

Candidates to the FWPA Board are selected by an arms-length director selection committee, which includes representatives from four national associations.

Jim Henneberry is the former CEO of Australian Paper and has held CEO and Director positions with Carter Holt Harvey, International Paper and other international companies.  He has a strong global track record of leading large complex, private and public businesses and in balancing an operational focus with strong strategic leadership. 

Brian Farmer is the current CEO of HQPlantations and a member of FWPA.  His responsibilities include strategic development and management of the company’s resources through leadership and sound policy advice to the Board and investors. 

Christine Briggs is General Manager, Marketing and Business Development for Timberlink Australia, a member of FWPA.  She will bring high-level sales and marketing skills to the Board, having held senior roles in these areas with major timber manufacturing businesses.

On behalf of the new directors, Christine Briggs said, “We look forward to working together with the existing board members and management team to continue to build upon FWPA’s successes and deliver effective and valuable outcomes for the forest and wood products industry”.

“As we move forward, it’s a huge benefit to be able to get advice from a board made up of such experienced business leaders,” said Ric Sinclair, managing director of FWPA. “I’m very grateful for the ongoing support of all the directors.”

View FWPA’s MD 2014 AGM presentation here

Posted Date: December 10, 2014

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