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Will RFID tags remain on logs during handling and storage?

Using RFID tags on logs greatly improves the efficiency of their traceability – but will they remain on the logs in the harsh logging environment? The logging industry has been considering various ways to improve the traceability for high value logs and in ensuring that logs do not originate from illegally logged forests. 

RFID tags have shown to be a success in tracing higher value logs tagged at landings and transported to mills, but researchers wanted to determine whether tags applied to standing trees would be able to withstand harsh whole-tree extraction systems and still retain their information. 

Researchers from Italy, Austria and Spain compared two tag models and two stem fixing locations in three commercial hauling and one transport operation in mountain conditions. The results shows that of the 239 tags attached, just 5 were lost, proving a good indication that the RFID tags could be applied with success.

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Photo: Gianni Picchi


Posted Date: March 9, 2016

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