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Wood – Nature Inspired Design report met with positivity

A report published earlier this year focusing on the health and wellbeing benefits associated with using wood as part of the built environment has been well received by industry.

Industry feedback on the recently released Wood – Nature Inspired Design report has been overwhelmingly positive, with a number of organisations, including Lendlease, opting to utilise its messages in their own promotional materials.

Published in March to coincide with World Wood Day 2017, the report was developed as part of FWPA’s strategic alliance with Planet Ark.

It outlines the importance of connecting buildings with the natural world, and how with ‘nature connected design’, nature can be brought indoors to provide a healthier, happier environment.

Some of the benefits associated with using wood in construction identified in the report include:

  • Improvements to a person’s emotional state and level of self-expression
  • Reduced blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels
  • Improved air quality through humidity moderation
  • Its use as a long-term store of carbon, helping to fight climate change

The first version of the report was aimed at a professional audience of architects, engineers and developers, with a second version targeting a household and consumer audience. 

The objective is to help change attitudes about wood, encourage market and community acceptance of wood products, and inspire industry and the public to consider the use of wood in future construction projects.

Eileen Newbury said, “Today, many of us are spending more time indoors than ever before. However, the health and happiness benefits associated with spending time outside amongst nature are well documented. With this report we wanted to communicate the many advantages of using wood as a means of bringing nature into the built environment.”

The report includes a comprehensive review of different studies focusing on the health and wellbeing benefits of wooden interiors, along with the results of an independent survey identifying the attitudes and opinions of Australians on wood.

To find out more or to read the report in full, visit the WoodSolutions blog.

Posted Date: July 18, 2017

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