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Wood-waste bio-fuel could transform shipping industry

Aston University scientists are involved in the ReShip project, which will use low quality wood waste, chippings and un-merchantable wood to produce new bio-fuels. Sustainable bio-fuel made from forest wood waste could not only help transform the shipping industry, but also reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Compared to petroleum-based oil, however, the crude pyrolysis oil created from waste wood cannot be used for direct use in diesel engines as it is too unstable. To counter this, the Aston team, led by Professor Tony Bridgwater will look to stabilise freshly produced pyrolysis bio-fuel through mild, rapid, low temperature catalytic hydrogen treatment. 

In cooperation with the Paper and Fibre Research Institute in Norway, they will also seek to blend the bio-oil with conventional diesel and surfactant to form a multi-component fuel. The most promising fuels will then be engine tested to assess their quality and use for potential marine transport. 

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Posted Date: June 12, 2014

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