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Carbon Primer and Glossary

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FWPA Carbon Primer and Glossary

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November 2023

This report is part of a carbon series:

  • Download the Forests, Plantations, Wood Products & Australia’s Carbon Balance report via this link
  • Download WoodSolutions technical design guide 55: ‘The Role of Wood Products in Zero Carbon Buildingsvia this link.
  • Access the Carbon Guides Social Media Asset library via this link.

A series of three documents have been developed as the building sector ramps up efforts to decarbonise, and emissions become a significant consideration in forestry and plantation management as well as building and construction materials selection. These resources clarify terminology around carbon and net zero over the life cycle of wood products and buildings, and highlight opportunities for forestry and wood products in Australia.

This primer and glossary clarifies a range of carbon and greenhouse gas concepts, terms, and definitions, and is intended to upskill the sector on frameworks shaping the market for forest and wood products, particularly those used in construction. This will assist in supporting timber industry stakeholder understanding and participation in the carbon / sustainability dialogue which is rapidly evolving.


Steve Mitchell | Principal Consultant, Fabiano Ximenes | Senior Research Scientist, Department of Primary Industries, NSW Government, Andrea Davies | Senior Green Building & Strategy Specialist

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