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Forest & Forest Products Research Expenditure in Australia 1981-1982 to 2001-2002

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The expenditure in production-oriented forest and forest products research was assessed within Australia for 2001/02 and compared with a series of research expenditure reviews completed over the past 20 years to analyse changes and provide a historical perspective on research investment patterns over that period.  The expenditure on forest research was $50.51 million and for forest products research was $19.73 million, a total overall of $70.24 million.

This represented an increase in forest research from $24.32 million in 1981/82 to $50.51 million in 2001/02, however, when expenditure over this period was adjusted for inflation by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), there was both a significant and continual decline to 2001/02.  Expenditure on forest products in 2001/02 of $19.73 million/year represented an increase from $14.30 m in 1981/82.  Again, when adjusted by the CPI, there was a decline from $35.63 million in 1981/82 to $19.73 million in 2001/02.

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John Turner & Marcia Lambert (Forsci)

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