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North East NSW Forestry Hub

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The North East NSW Forestry Hub is one of 11 similar organisations funded by the Australian Government to provide it with advice on supporting growth in the forest and wood products sector in key regions.

North East NSW is abundant in forests, with about two-thirds of its land supporting tree cover. The region benefits from high rainfall, productive soil and a long growing season, making it highly suitable for cultivating tall timber trees in both regrowth native forest and plantation settings. The Hub spans from the Queensland border in the north to the Hawkesbury River in the south, encompassing the cities of Newcastle, Armidale, Coffs Harbour, and Lismore. The predominant forest type is native eucalypt, with more than six million hectares of native forest, of which about 800,000 ha is designated for wood production. There are 54,000 ha of hardwood plantations and 26,000 ha of softwood plantations.

This document is part of a series of four guidance reports that cover topics related to small-scale farm forestry, private native forestry, and Indigenous managed forest lands. Learn more about the other reports and documents via this link.


Pat Groenhout, Jill Roscoe & Tuesday Phelan, Greenwood Strategy Solutions Pty Ltd.

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