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Opportunities for post-consumer H2F treated ‘blue-pine’ off-cuts & resource recovery exemption application for end-of-life wood

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July 2013

Disposing of waste H2F-treated offcuts is a concern for many frame and truss manufacturers.  This project analysed the waste disposal and recycling problems of H2F blue-pine consumers (i.e. frame and truss manufacturers) and developed a specific resource recovery application for use of end-of-life wood in NSW for use as animal bedding and ultimate land application as soil conditioner.

Fabricators in NSW, Victoria and WA indicated a problem with high, and increasing, costs of disposal compared to untreated waste. while only one in Queensland identified a current issue. The project found fabricators who use H2F timber may be competitively disadvantaged in the market compared to those using untreated.

The project also submitted an application to the NSW EPA for use of a small proportion of end-of-life H2F wood in animal bedding and soil conditioner products. Previous FWPA sponsored research found minimal risk from a range of c in these recycled products where the preservative does not exceed tolerable limits. Based on this research, a wider literature review and sampling and analysis over an eight month period, the application included of up to 5% of H2F treated wood offcuts in the recycled products inputs.

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Stephen Mitchell

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