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RD&E Program in Advanced Log & Woodchip Export Supply Chain Management for Australia

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April 2020

This project involved extensive industry consultation was held within the first months of starting period of this R/D program. Several forest companies (including HVP, FCNSW, Forico, HQP, Forestry SA, WAPRES, Bunbury Fibre, Midway, GTFP, STT, PF-Olsen and ISO Marshalling Pty Ltd) were selected as industry steering committee members.

The industry committee reviewed the planned research activities and selected the most important and relevant ones to be fit with their R/D requirements. These included value and quality assessment, measurement/inventory assessment, phytosanitary test and wood loading technologies. HQP, FCNSW and Forico hosted various field trials on log loading and wood measurement. Summary of research findings of conducted trials has been classified in four components and presented as following;

  1. Value and quality assessment; 
    1-1- Technology review on log level chain of custody track and trace system
    1-2- Log-end near infrared spectroscopy for moisture content measurement
  2. Measurement/inventory assessment
    2-1- Sensor technologies for volumetric measurements of logs on trucks
    2-2- Automated detection and diameter estimation of stacked logs: A review and preliminary study
  3. Phytosanitary test
    3-1-Brief #1: Chemical treatments for wood exports and biosecurity trends
    3-2-Brief #2: Export implications of sapstain, debarking and moisture content
    3-3-Debarking and drying effects on log weights and implications for exporting logs in containers
    3-4-An Analysis of the economics of debarking, drying and anti-sapstain treatment in conifer log export supply chains
  4. Wood loading technologies
    4-1-Productivity and costs of containerised log loading
    4-2-Loading rates and compaction factors for woodchip vessels visiting Australian ports
    4-3-Bulk material loading and operational technology trends

This R/D&E program comprehensively investigated the various aspects of Australian log and woodchip export supply chain management to achieve its main objective on identifying and implementing innovative technology, methods and best practices for efficient and effective timber export.

Note the a full text of all technical reports is provided in the appendix to this document along with a list of workshops and webinars including short descriptions.

Project number:  PNC426-1617


Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan. Research team: Mark Brown, Glen Murphy, Mauricio Acuna, Michael Berry, Rick Mitchell, Martin Strandgard, Helen Nahrung, Roger Meder.

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