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The In-ground Natural Durability of Australian Timbers

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This study conducted a final inspection of the in-ground natural durability field trial at five sites in Australia. In 1968-69, 77 timber species were installed.

The best performing timber at each test site was CCA-treated Pinus radiata. All but one replicate was still serviceable after 33 to 36 years exposure. The next best performing timber at each test site was creosote treated P. radiata.

Timber species with greatest natural durability in the outer heartwood were raspberry jam (Acacia acuminata), red box (Eucalyptus polyanthemos),wandoo (E. wandoo), tallowwood (E. microcorys), bull oak (Allocasuarina luehmannii), grey ironbark (E. paniculata), yellow box (E. melliodora), Gympie messmate (E. cloeziana), grey box (E. moluccana) and white mahogany (E. acmenoides).

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L. J. Cookson (CSIRO FFP)

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