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Timber Usage in Residential Construction 2017-18 dataset

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Timber Usage in Residential Construction 2017-18 dataset: Report on methodology and results. FWPA has supported research to better understand timber usage in residential construction which is a major market for timber and engineered wood products. However, the quantity of wood products and the specific application in new house construction remains unclear.

In order to help address this, FWPA has undertaken a project to extract data from a sample drawn from a pool of nearly 20,000 residential building plans for the 2017-18 period for NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

This data has been used to calculate detailed information on timber materials used (by type, grade and end-section), and dimensions (lineal metres and square metres) by application in a new house.

To review this report’s findings, please contact Kevin Peachey, FWPA Statistics & Economic Manager on kevin.peachey@fwpa.com.au.

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