We collaborate with government and industry stakeholders to invest in effective and relevant R&D and deliver programs designed to grow the market for forest and wood products and increase productivity and profitability across the value chain.

Eycalyptus forest: photo credit Laurence Ritchie

Research to benefit the commercial forest growing sector in Australia

FWPA’s Forestry RD&E Investment Plans were developed in consultation with Australia’s commercial forest growers to inform collaborative investment in RD&E activities and identify Priority Topics as the key targets for investment.

RD&E proposals must either:

  • Advance one or more Priority Topics identified in the Priority Topics list or

  • Advance RD&E outside of the Priority Topics, where the prospective researcher can demonstrate significant support by Australia’s commercial forest growers.

Successful proposals will reflect an understanding of the context and issues around the research topic as it impacts the sector and will reflect an understanding of the current status of knowledge in relation to Priority Topics. For context and background on the Priority Topics, refer to the relevant Investment Plan(s).

Funding Opportunities

January 2024 Forestry Research Program

Calls for Proposals are now open for the Forestry Research Program. This program supports collaborative activities that advance research, development and extension (RD&E) of benefi…

  • FWPA

Voluntary Matching

Voluntary matched funding is made available for collaborative research projects, thanks to an agreement between FWPA and the Federal Government. The matched funding is being made availab…

Codes & Standards

Coordination of timber standards & codes

The aim of FWPA’s Codes and Standards activities is to increase the use of wood-based products through the development and/or maintenance of key standards, codes and handbooks that are developed through a consensus-based process.

Research Resources

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FWPA Part A Proposal Template Forestry Research Program
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