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Project Code:VNC584-2122
Project Start Date:29-Jun-2022
Completion Date:15-May-2026

A co-funding initiative between the FWPA Grower Research Advisory Committee (GRAC) and the University of Tasmania to build capacity in grower priority research. The co-funding model supports a Forest Growers Research Program of six PhD scholarships.

  • Project 1: Quantifying risks and the scale of the mammal browsing problem to inform technological solutions
  • Project 2: Maximising and maintaining site productivity
  • Project 3: Identification of elite Eucalyptus nitens genetic material and molecular markers for risk traits
  • Project 4: Models for breeding in Eucalyptus globulus
  • Project 5: Biotic agents and site silvicultural practices: combined management approaches to maximise tree survival in hardwood plantations
  • Project 6: Improved provenance choice for native forest silviculture and management in the face of climate change


Multiple (dependent on PhD subject)

Research Organisation

University of Tasmania

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