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Webinar 3: Bridging the housing issues and the timber industry: Policy perspective

This webinar is part if a webinar series. You can listen to webinar 1 via this link and webinar 2 via this link.

In the final instalment of our special FWPA Statistics and Economics Webinar on series we will cover:

  • Different organisations’ perspectives on addressing the housing issue
  • Programs and planning related to housing, such as Housing Future Funds, Housing Support Program, Social Housing, etc. And how this should be aligned with related industries’ capacity.
  • The incentives are not only to remove the barriers for consumers but also for producers (materials, capital, skilled workers, etc), and how this affects the timber industry.
  • Current arrangements should account for reform in the supply chain. Hence, it should mitigate the long-term issue of poor planning to anticipate the crisis.


  • Emeritus Professor Tony Dalton, Centre for Urban Research RMIT
  • Simon Croft, Chief Executive of Industry Policy Housing Industry Association
  • Richard Hyett, Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Director of Policy Australian Forest Products Association
Posted Date: May 15, 2024

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