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ForestLearning: broadening and extending resources and activities

The ForestLearning program is continuing to grow, based on feedback from teachers and partners including PIEFA (Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia). Developments include; a new website, new teaching resources (linked to the Australian curriculum) and an industry engagement program.

Industry engagement program

One of the main challenges facing the program is raising awareness of its existence among teachers. Today, teachers are faced with a plethora of information and resources, all competing for valuable classroom time. While the forestlearning materials have been extremely well received, not enough teachers know they exist, the industry engagement program has been developed to address this.

Scheduled to commence in the third quarter of 2015, the program will use trade press to talk to parents working in the industry, either encouraging them to talk to their children’s teachers, or providing the children with information to convey to their teachers.

The new website – www.forestlearning.edu.au

With a clean, uncluttered new look, the  website targets teachers looking for educational resources. The site is designed to provide information about the program, highlighting the fact that it is an independent source of verified factual information about the forest and wood products industry. The website launched with a chance for teachers to win an iPad by registering for the newsletter and it was won by Nathan Brady, a Technology teacher in South Australia.

Expanded teaching resources

The core of the forestlearning program, teaching resources provide teachers with all they need to deliver lessons that are both linked to the Australian curriculum and provide opportunities to address some of the misconceptions about the Australian forest and wood products industry. It is anticipated that there will be 60 lessons available by June 30, 2015, doubling to 120 lessons by June 30 2016.

Do you need a ForestLearning School Presentation Kit?

Many FWPA members are asked to speak at local schools about the forest and wood products industry. As part of the program we have created a school kit that includes a presentation, classroom activities, videos and posters. 

If you conduct school presentations and are interested in finding out more please contact the Project Manager, Tania Crosbie Tania@thecrosbiecollective.com.au or 0412 149624 

Posted Date: June 14, 2015

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