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FWPA seeks industry feedback on the value of suggested future projects

Industry members are invited to deliver their verdicts on a number of proposed projects relating to data analysis and forecasting, as outlined in a newly-released industry consultation document.

The scope of the proposed projects is varied, encompassing initiatives that will allow for improved access to useful information spanning areas including statistics and modelling, resource availability and wood flows, and processing capacity.

If the projects are approved the benefits for industry will be many and varied. They will include more regular and reliable trade data and forecasting, including expected import and export volumes and prices to assist smart decision making. A domestic log availability analysis will identify shortages and opportunities to support decisions on industry investment and policy development. Meanwhile, a productivity and efficiency analysis of the Australian sawmilling industry will provide insights into opportunities for improvements and investment in new and existing sawmills.

An analysis of “turning points” in the housing cycle will help determine what factors might impact demand in the future, while a more comprehensive understanding of industry sales channels will enable improved responsiveness to market changes and help reduce bottlenecks in the supply chain.

In recent years, FWPA has worked collaboratively with the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) on a number of successful ongoing business-as-usual projects of benefit to the industry. This relationship has since extended to include a commitment to the regular funding and rolling out of a number of one-off projects believed to be of significant value.

The industry consultation document provides details of the latest round of proposed projects and the perceived advantages associated with them. Some of these projects would be undertaken by the ABARES, while a number of additional projects would be managed directly by FWPA. 

The document has been designed to help industry stakeholders consider each project’s value, indicate their support for the suggested initiatives, or suggest alternative priorities they believe should be focused on.

Jim Houghton, Statistics and Economics Manager at FWPA, said, “Our relationship with the ABARES continues to go from strength to strength, and has resulted in enormous benefits to industry and other stakeholders, particularly when it comes to enabling access to vital information, statistics and forecasting. 

“We are excited about the latest round of proposed projects and look forward to receiving the valuable insights of stakeholders to ensure our priorities are aligned and our focus is on projects that will provide optimal benefit to the industry.” 

To read the industry consultation document in full along with webinar, see here.

Posted Date: June 1, 2018

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