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Hardwood Moulding Imports Rose 37.3% in 2014

The strength of Australia’s housing market is evident in full year data that shows a large lift in imports of mouldings, compared with the prior year. Total imports of mouldings, dowel and similar products reached AUD381.0 million in calendar 2014, up 28.9% on the prior corresponding period.

The stand out performer of the specific import classifications is hardwood mouldings, the import value of which rose AUD63.0M to reach a new record of AUD232.1M, accounting for 61.0% of the value of total imports of mouldings, dowel and similar products. In 2013, hardwood mouldings accounted for 57.1% of the value of total imports.

The chart below, available from the FWPA Data Dashboard, displays the recent rise in hardwood moulding imports.

Fig 1


For further details, go to the FWPA Data Dashboard.  

As anticipated, the majority of imports of ‘continuously shaped’ hardwood continues to be supplied from Asia and in particular, from Indonesia.

In fact, the lift in imports in 2014 can almost entirely be attributed to Indonesia. The value of imports from Indonesia rose AUD60.4M in 2014 compared with 2013, with modest increases recorded for imports from China and Malaysia. Industry participants attribute most of this rise in value to a sharp increase in import prices from Indonesia, the majority of which is understood to be decking.

The year-to-year comparative imports by country are detailed in the chart below.

Fig 2


For further details, go to the FWPA Data Dashboard.

While the significance of hardwood moulding imports cannot be under-estimated, the experience of other ‘continuously shaped’ products is also of interest. This is especially so for the second largest grouping which is softwood or coniferous products. 

Unfortunately, the import data groups all of these together and does not separate between mouldings, dowel and other products. As the chart below shows, the value of these softwood imports rose 21.1% in calendar 2014, compared with 2013. The total value of imports reached a new record of AUD128.1M.

Fig 3


For further details, go to the FWPA Data Dashboard.

Increases in the value of imports of ‘continuously shaped’ wood products, in particular mouldings are of interest, especially as part of the story of Australia’s current housing expansion. 



Posted Date: February 25, 2015

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