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Invite your event attendees into the forest using ForestVR™️

FWPA is excited to provide opportunities to enhance engagement on the sustainable nature of forestry at industry events by using virtual reality (VR) to transport attendees into the heart of the forest.

Six new VR headsets have been made available for use by stakeholders to provide immersive experiences during events including conferences, trade shows and career expos.

Using the award-winning suite of ForestVRTM resources the headsets take users on virtual tours of a variety of Australian forest and processing mill environments, as well as guiding them along the timber product supply chain from seed to shelter.

Developed by FWPA’s ForestLearning program, the ForestVRTM resources have already made an impressive impact on teachers and students in Australian classrooms. Now they are proving equally as popular at industry events, having been met with enthusiasm from attendees at the recent Balingup Small Farm Field Day in Western Australia, Mid Coast Careers Market in New South Wales, and Royal Darwin Show in the Northern Territory.

The headsets are available on loan, free-of charge through ForestLearning. They don’t require a Wi-Fi connection, meaning they offer an easy and effective way to engage with attendees in any setting.

Beth Welden, ForestLearning Program Manager, said ForestVRTM is the perfect way to share the unique story of Australian sustainable forestry.

“These highly immersive experiences guide the user through the forest and timber processing journey, showcasing the use of renewable forest products in everything from buildings to everyday items such as paper,” Welden said.

“We have already helped countless students Australia-wide to appreciate the complexity and breadth of our sustainable forest management systems, and we’re looking forward to helping industry bring the vibrant world of forestry and wood products to life for even more Australians.”More information on the ForestVRTM resources can be found by clicking here.

Industry members interested in borrowing a headset to use at an upcoming event are invited to make a request by filling out this form.

Posted Date: June 26, 2024

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