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New drone system for tree monitoring

Singapore-based Asia Plantation Capital has applied for a patent on a new system of computerised aerial drones, linked to a central control system and programmed to monitor their plantations. 

This new system has been successfully tested over the last nine months on plantations in Thailand and is now set for implementation on all the company’s high value plantations and installations.

The use of these latest aerial camera drones, which are equipped with GPS tracking and the function to set pre-determined flight paths, allows for consistent coverage of plantations, delivery of valuable real-time growth and photographic data to management teams on the ground.

Asia Plantation Capital is working on developing this into a web portal application to allow clients and tree owners to regularly receive updated aerial images of trees on the plantations. Previous systems had proved unreliable due to extremities of their climate and the remote nature of many plantation sites, causing fixed cameras to fog up and relay poor images.

Click here for source (The Jakarta Post)

Photo: Asia Plantation Capital

Posted Date: October 8, 2015

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