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New Strategic Plan for FWPA 2023-28 Published

May 2023

Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) has released its Strategic Plan for 2023-28 which outlines an ambitious vision and mission to drive demand and growth for forest and wood products in Australia over the long term. 

“The development of the new strategic plan required a review of the company’s current performance plan and an assessment of the operating environment. Most importantly, it required the input of our members and I thank all those who provided their valuable time and essential input to ensure the new plan is relevant, achievable and appropriately focused,” said Chair of the Board Craig Taylor. 

During the period of the plan, FWPA will deliver on its mission through achievements in each of four outcome areas and one foundational platform. Each outcome comprises a number of objectives. Key performance indicators (KPIs) or targets related to these deliverables have been identified for each outcome.

Outcome 1 aims to improve consumer perceptions of forest and wood products through the development and promotion of their economic, environmental and social advantages.

Outcome 2 aims to increase the demand for, and value of, wood products in the built environment and industrial markets.

Outcome 3 aims to improve the resource base, reduce risk and increase productivity and utilisation along the value chain to the benefit of growers and processors.

Outcome 4 aims to improve industry capability through efforts to attract and retain people to the industry and by enhancing workforce capability and decision making.

The Foundational Platform covers the expectations FWPA has of itself and underlines everything the organisation does. The goal is to provide leadership as the industry services company, by delivering consistently elevated levels of stakeholder satisfaction, by openly collaborating with other Research and Development organisations and by holding the organisation accountable to delivering on objectives.

FWPA strives to be an efficient industry services organisation and one that is open, inclusive and flexible to attract the highest calibre personnel. FWPA will deliver high standards of governance and management that are critical to deliver strong returns to industry and government investors. A key principle driving the organisation will be its ongoing desire to consult widely with industry participants in all that it does and to report regularly on its impact.

Finally, it is important to industry that FWPA is financially sound. FWPA will rely not just on the contribution of levy payers but will also seek additional resources for its activities from a range of collaborators.

“The plan has been restructured with a clear long-term growth focus, with our success as a services company tracked through a set of specific and measurable KPIs across our programs and activities.”

“I thank our industry partners for their help in the development of this plan, and for their ongoing feedback and input to our thinking as we develop our suite of programs and activities. We will continue to focus on delivering impactful and meaningful outcomes for the industry and the Australian community,” said FWPA CEO, Andrew Leighton.


Posted Date: May 7, 2023

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