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Re-designing Perth’s skyline with world’s tallest timber building

Perth could soon be welcoming an environmentally friendly addition to its distinctive skyline, with the construction of the tallest hybrid timber tower in the world, which would also be West Australia’s first carbon negative building.

Architecture and design practice Fraser & Partners (a research-focused offshoot of Elenberg Fraser) has teamed up with property developer Grange Development on the design of C6, which is set to stand proudly at 183 metres tall and use 7,400 cubic metres of cross-laminated timber (CLT), glue laminated timber (GLT) and laminated veneer lumber (LVL).

If approved by the local council, the people behind the tower hope the structure will lead the way in the creation of living, breathing buildings that make positive contributions to the built and natural environments, while setting a precedent for future constructions.

“We accepted the challenge to measurably ensure our project would replenish the environment, rather than deprive it,” said Reade Dixon, Fraser & Partners Director.

In demonstrating the sustainable and renewable nature of the building, the team pointed out some impressive key stats, including that all timber required for the build could be regrown from just 580 seeds. Meanwhile, the core structure is forecast to sequester 10,497,600 kg more carbon than a traditional concrete building of a similar size — which roughly equates to the carbon footprint associated with 4,885 economy class flights from Perth to London.

What’s more, the developers see the construction as a massive opportunity for research. Once completed, they intend to share their design and construction processes and learnings publicly, with a view to further hybrid timber building use in Australia and beyond.

Source: Architecture & Design

Posted Date: July 21, 2022

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