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Robotic features could make trucking more efficient

While we hear a lot about self-driving cars, a future with autonomous trucks could be a reality a lot sooner than we thought – and lead to a major shake up of the transportation industry. 

Otto, a new US-based research company led by former Google engineers, is developing the technology make long-haul commercial truck driving safer and more efficient. Existing trucks have been upgraded with Otto’s unique self-driving kit, which includes the development of new sensors, software and truck enhancements. 

The sensors consist of cameras, radar, and lasers and sit on top of the truck, giving them an elevated vantage point of the highway. Running on an onboard computer, the software makes real-time driving decisions based on sensor input. The technology is designed to allow the driver to play more of a supervisory role.

Otto is now testing its kit on three Volvo VNL 780 trucks on highways in California. After an initial testing phase, the company plans to move into several major US trucking routes.

Click here for source (The New York Times)

Image Credit: Otto

Posted Date: August 31, 2016

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