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Round up: WoodSolutions Tuesday webinars

A wide range of topics were covered during 2021, including timber in biophilic design, building to resist high wind, and timber product supply. Leading industry experts were brought in as presenters and panellists throughout the series to share their knowledge with the 10,253 domestic and international attendees from 139 different occupational backgrounds.

Some highlights included presentations from Theodore Kerlidis, Director at @k20 Architecture, who spoke about what a pivotal role architects can play in decarbonising construction and Marie Johansson, Senior Researcher at the Research Institute of Sweden, who drew upon Sweden’s decades of experience with mid-rise wood structures to discuss the current processes and the future areas of research in timber construction.

“We are so proud to have put forward such a well-received and diverse array of webinars in 2021 for participants to enjoy and learn from,” said Eileen Newbury, Head of the WoodSolutions Program.

“We would like to thank everyone who participated from presenters to attendees. It’s wonderful that such an array of leading figures in their respective fields were able to share their knowledge with professionals from across various industries and countries.

“We look forward to hosting many more of these popular webinars in 2022!”

The webinars are recorded and available to view on the WoodSolutions website.


Posted Date: December 15, 2021

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