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StatisticsCount: Peer behind the curtain

The FWPA statistics and economics program, which has long played a crucial role in promoting the competitiveness of the forestry industry, is about to enjoy an exciting increase in scope with the launch of a new video showcase.

Click here to watch the first video in the series.

The StatisticsCount video series will inform viewers about various aspects of the program, and the vital role it plays in collating, analysing and sharing valuable statistics in support of smart future planning. By presenting analysis and data that reflects various aspects of the supply chain, the program supports the industry’s ongoing growth and success. 

First up in the video showcase is an episode focused on how FWPA collects, analyses and uses valuable data from across the industry.

Essentially, viewers will see that different data such as softwood volume, hardwood volume and value, and grower and processor safety is provided by companies working within the industry. This data is then analysed and used to predict trends, with the goal of providing valuable insights that members can use to make the most informed decisions for their own businesses.

The online FWPA data management system allows members to privately and safely log in and enter their own data, which is then aggregated with data from all other contributing companies and calculated into industry-wide metrics. This is a blind entry system, meaning companies are only able to view their own data, and the industry aggregated data they are contributing to. The result is a series of comprehensive data sets that provide all-encompassing, up-to-date snapshots of the industry, for the benefit of all users.

“Our online portal, which utilises information supplied by 50 companies, has long been appreciated by industry as a valuable tool for remaining up to date with industry developments and the latest trends,” said Kevin Peachey, Statistics and Economic Manager at FWPA

“We hope viewers will enjoy this video as an opportunity to ‘peer behind the curtain’ and witness exactly what goes into creating a data management system relied upon by so many members to inform their decision making in a way that continues to drive the industry forward.”

Posted Date: February 21, 2023

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