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The Ultimate Renewable™ – What’s in it for members?

The Ultimate Renewable™ invites FWPA members and the public to join us in championing sustainability. Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet, and the ongoing success of Australia’s forestry and wood products sector.

The new-look website coincides with the launch of the brand’s 2023 consumer marketing campaign. FWPA has created a new range of fantastic and useful assets to help members promote The Ultimate Renewable™ messaging within their own communications.

The new assets are available through the website and aim to demonstrate the beauty, sustainability and exceptional versatility of forestry and wood products. The objective is to dispel misconceptions and provide clear, concise information about choosing wood products for a variety of purposes.

The assets are designed to counteract misconceptions about wood and focus on the facts associated with choosing timber products. The aim is to use this to help empower Australians to make responsible choices when it comes to timber that will benefit themselves and contribute towards the wellbeing of the planet.

Equipped with these assets you can play a role in extending the reach of The Ultimate Renewable™ messaging for the benefit of the entire sector, and to ensure a sustainable future.

The Ultimate Renewable™ for business area of the new website is part of the Partner Program, specifically designed with FWPA members in mind. It contains a new and improved industry-only Resources page that is easy for members to access and navigate.

The Resources page offers impactful visual assets such as the new look The Ultimate Renewable™ logo, videos and digital banners, as well as quick and easy facts, and social media tiles for members to download, share and use to enhance their own marketing materials.

It is also home to the Digital Toolkit, through which members can access expert guidance, engaging content, sample articles, fact sheets and reports, all of which can be repurposed to help spread the good word of wood amongst member audiences.

It is easier than ever for members to create a new account! So, if you haven’t already, you can do so by clicking here.

FWPA Head of Marketing and Communications Sarah Downey said the website is populated with carefully crafted content that is member-focused and gives insight into FWPA’s ongoing The Ultimate Renewable™ brand developments, and how members can optimise their use of it.

“We hope as many FWPA members as possible will embrace this latest iteration of the hugely successful The Ultimate Renewable™ brand,” Downey said.

“We invite you all to share the benefits of wood with your networks, customers and the world, by inspiring people to think about the choices they make every day that can benefit people and planet.”

Posted Date: August 24, 2023

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